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3 Issues Regarding Use of Bandages

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3 Issues Regarding Use of Bandages

Post  miracle on Fri Jun 22, 2012 12:23 pm

During the menstrual cycle, female sex organs are in a more humid than usual. That is why every woman should pay more attention to the condition of the sex organs during menstruation. Dr. Dr. Junita Indarti, SpOG, specialist in obstetrics and diseases of the content of Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, explained that the result of neglect personal hygiene, especially when the sex organs of the menstrual cycle is the growth of undesirable microorganisms. This omission could also cause odor, infection, and vaginal discharge that is not fair.

"Blood, right, a good media of germs, given during the menstrual blood will stick to the surface of the vulva, then we must continue to keep it clean in order to maintain vaginal moisture," said Junita.

Vaginal moisture also needs to be maintained by using a bandage carefully. Here are three things about the pads that you must know:

Segment-select pads
Various types of dressings on the market offers a variety of innovative products that claim to be the best and safest way to health. According to Junita, basically there is no type of pads that are better or worse. "There is no special category, which is important to absorb the menstrual blood of a well and create a comfortable," said Junita. As such, the criteria for a good dressing will be different each person. Whether viewed from the length and thickness, all depending on each individual. So also with herb dressing that was mentioned a healthier and safer. "Bandages herbs, is the same. Because the content or antibacterial herbs contained in tampons, right, works only on the surface of the vagina. It was not until into the vagina so it can not treat the inside, "said Junita. He then added that antibacterial or antioxidant content in the pads was actually not too necessary. "The point, anyway, making it convenient. Whether the absorption rate and the size fits well? That is enough. Since there also, right, not the maximum absorption pads. "

Routine change the bandage Normally, menstrual cycles occur within 21-35 days, for three to seven days in one cycle. Within the normal range as well, the amount of blood during the menstrual cycle by about 50 cc. However, the amount of blood during menstruation in every woman is different. Therefore, there is no fixed rule regarding the period of time to change pads. However, the key to maintaining cleanliness and health of the vagina during the menstrual period, Junita said, is to routinely replace the pads. "So no need to choose what kind of pads, replace routine is important," he added.

The best time to replace the pads is when you feel damp and uncomfortable. "The bottom line if it is considered full pads, moist, and make them feel uncomfortable, then be replaced. Generally, every four to six hours, "said Junita. So do not delay the replacement of sanitary materials for women produces an alkaline secretion when menstruation. If the menstrual blood left in place too long stick, the pads can be a development of the fungus. You do not want to, right, the reproductive organs become itchy and smelly due to lazy to change your pad?

Need panty liners? Ahead of the menstrual cycle, often having a white woman. To work around this, some people choose to use panty liners to keep the surface of the vagina to keep it dry. Actually, should use panty liners this? "Basically, the vagina can clean the feminine area itself, so it is not necessary. Indeed, it can absorb the mucus, but it should not be used routinely because it is unhealthy if it continues to use it, "said Junita. Because, although the purpose of using panty liners to keep the surface of the vagina in order to stay dry, in fact, the use of panty liners makes the surface of the vagina does not have room to breathe so as to make moist. "When the discharge is not what is being used, but sparingly. Fit for purpose as well. That is, look at their needs. Do not use on a regular basis, "said Junita.


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