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Corset, back tune for Body Shaping

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Corset, back tune for Body Shaping

Post  miracle on Fri Jun 22, 2012 12:02 am

Corsets became obligatory female underwear worn Victorian era behind ballgown. Victorian era silhouette that accentuates curves also apparently attracted the attention of modern urban women.
Now, the corset is not just underwear that was once considered a symbol of women's inferior status. The corset has been part of fashion trends, and even used as outer wear.

Are Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, persona modern era that changed the image of a corset, be one of fashion products. Even women began with the bold style corset as outer wear . In the previous era, hourglass-bodied actress, Marilyn Monroe was also popularized the corset as a costume as she dances in 1954.

Thanks to the courage of these women, the traditional corset-style vintage style Victorian era, regardless of the image of physical restraint women but became part of fashion trends.The existence of a corset that was lost and replaced bra, now rising again. Corset back modern era female preferred, because it makes it more sexy and feminine.

Vanessa Barford from the BBC News Magazine wrote, corset sales jumped sharply. Girdle of choice, even a trend to streamline the body. Women can fulfill his desire to appear slim with curves is ideal, thanks to the corset.

Barford said, Rigby & Peller bra manufacturers released results of a corset on sale in May 2012 increased by 45 percent over the previous year.

Ebay also reported, the number of corsets sold increased 185 percent during the past three months, reaching 1900.Still from Ebay sales data, the high interest of the bodice were encountered in the UK (40 percent), United States (34 percent) and Australia (8.6 percent).

Marks & Spencer admits, corset lingerie category sold new model every three minutes.
Seems to shift the perception of the corset has been making clothes in these favored modern woman. Looks like the style of this vintage is no longer just belong to the queen. We also need to thank several television series such as Mad Men, or movies such as My Week with Marilyn, "said Spencer Ps of lingerie boutiques in London.

Shape around the

choice between using a corset also depart from women's desire to have the ideal body shape. Rigby & Peller Creative Director, Nicky Clayton said the correlation between actual and corset related fashion with a sleek
body shape and form.

The corset has been part of the lives of women since the era of 1830, lasted until the 50's, the popular era of the 90s thanks to Madonna and now displayed again by Lady Gaga, women still preferred because it can give the appearance of feminine, sexy, and increase confidence.

Sweet Liberty, one of the founders of The Folly mixtures, corsets have found great strength, especially for women. He alone has 15 collections of corsets. For him, the bodice does not limit a person but it gives sensation when wearing them. "You'll feel more feminine and have the power. Corset is sexy and encourage self-confidence. Each person can get a girdle according to their needs," he said.

Loves back corset could not be separated from technological developments. Thanks to technological sophistication, the corset is designed to highlight the beautiful but still functional. Women today wear a corset as a personal expression.

As well, women's corsets were needed to streamline the body. Surveys in the UK National Sizing Survey titled 2001 found that the average female waist size grew larger, 16.5 cm since 1950. This means that women's waist size increased from 71 cm to 91 cm.

Streamline the need for corsets as well as the body ultimately have an impact on the birth of fashion innovation. Corset models continues to grow from time to time.

Hannah Almassi, fashion editor of Grazia magazine says, "The corset that wraps the body is called fajas (Spanish which means wrap) become popular lately. There is also a corset designed for patients with post-action liposuction.Corset model is not the traditional type, but more innovative with elastic material tight and tighten all parts of the body, "he explained.

For Almassi, a corset is the next generation in a mode, a choice of how to manipulate the shape of the body. That is, if previously a lot of people manipulating the body shape looks boyish or use of the pad on the shoulder in the era of the 80s, to become a preferred way forward corset around your body shape.


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