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4 Tips For Kids To Appreciate Money

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4 Tips For Kids To Appreciate Money

Post  miracle on Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:59 pm

wise behavior is very important in holding the money held by everyone, even the need to be taught to children. Early on, they need to learn how to save money and get it out wisely, so that this practice can continue to carry into adulthood. Here are some tips that can be done to encourage children to have a healthy financial behaviors:

1. Create a child trying to get money when the child wants to earn money, you get him to do some extra work. Keep in mind, this extra work is not the actual work he must do as part of the family. As an idea, you can request them to collect magazines or newspapers are piling up in warehouses, and bind them together, and sell it to the junkman. Or, you are encouraged to make crafts which are then sold at the school bazaar. That way children will learn that to get the money they have to try and work as possible. Once the money from the labors already in hand, they will think twice when going to use it.

2. Give them pocket money pocket money is going to make them able to buy what they want, but it also would be a good learning tool for children in financial terms. If the child is old enough, you can give the budget a weekly or monthly allowance, along with the message that you are not going to give them back if the money has run out prematurely. These conditions encourage the child to learn math, and spend money in a planned manner.

3. Navigate to more use of cash transactions in the banking technology now allows the child to carry a card as a means of exchange pembayaran.Namun, you should still get them to bring cash, because they will see while shopping when he was carrying less money. So, they will be encouraged to buy things that really needed it.

4. Give a good example for children Children will not learn to save or spend money wisely, if you see everyday is very wasteful. Therefore, before you start teaching them to be financially wise, first you should also review the extent of your ability to manage finances. This will provide a direct impact on children, rather than just mere words.


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