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Understand the Impact before Use It

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Understand the Impact before Use It

Post  miracle on Sun Jun 10, 2012 11:05 pm

Choice of skin care products like facial cleansers increasingly diverse. Just try to go to beauty shops, pharmacies and even supermarkets, a variety of different types of facial cleansers with fragrances and views displayed to entice you, then take it home. and genital skin specialist, Dr Nenden LS King, SpKK mention there are several types of facial cleansers on the market . Option to return to your needs. But it is also important to notice that the resulting impact of facial cleansers can be optimized to treat the skin and not cause problems.

Facial foam soap facial cleanser is one type of skincare to remove residual dirt and dust stuck to the skin. Facial foam serves to clean, refreshing, but some facial foam soap containing elements that make the skin dry and cracked. If you experience this, the bacteria will easily fit into the bottom layer of the epidermis.

Milk cleanser cleanser of this type does have the ability to be optimized. Although for some people, use cleansing milk is often troublesome because it must pass through several stages such as lifting dirt with cotton and then apply a toner to refresh. In particular the cleaning of dairy products, use is usually followed by a toner to refresh and eliminate the sticky feeling. "Well, this toner contains 20-40 percent alcohol, this can cause irritation to the skin," explains Dr Nenden as product launches skincare Ease in Jakarta some time ago. cream cleanser facial cleanser There is also a kind of cream. This facial cleanser product water content not more than 60 percent, and low viscosity level. For some people, these types of cleaners make your skin oily.

Gel cleanser One more type of facial cleanser, which is a gel. Of gel cleansers tend to be greasy and does not require water like foam or cream facial cleanser. Dr Nenden said safe to use gel cleanser for all skin types, including oily. According to him, all kinds of facial cleansers lift dirt and clean your face well, but each type has different effects on the skin. He also suggested, "When choosing a facial cleanser, you should find that it does not contain alcohol, not the soap, do not make the skin oily and irritated skin, and is able to moisturize, and not necessarily sweet. Instead facial cleanser without fragrance, even better." habit of cleaning your face equally important in skin care. Dr Nenden said, you should use a facial cleanser twice a day. But you can do it more often but it should be no more than 4-6 times a day, at intervals of 2-3 hours of cleaning the face before.


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