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Stubbornness is the Problem

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Stubbornness is the Problem

Post  miracle on Tue Jun 05, 2012 12:00 pm

Sometimes we do not understand, why anyone would actually show up implacability. We know, in ancient times, there is the King of Sweden who did not accept the existence of leap years, so that Sweden never had a difference on the rest of the world.

In variety shows on television, we can see many people who see things in "black and white", and can not accept the ideology of others. There are people who really do not want to try to understand why people have a ritual or other habits that are different from himself, so he seemed to always challenge the war because ketidakbisaannya accept differences.

Inside the company, clearly the system had to be changed because the demands of the times, but there are still people who still strive to maintain the old system. Some people are so stubborn, until the institutions often need to specifically design training, program, or a change effort, which is characterized by one thing: the intransigence of individuals to learn and try new things or systems. We really could have seen this phenomenon with a smile, because we ourselves also occasionally (or often) shows stubbornness. Rather than trying to listen to the testimony of people or exchanging ideas, we sometimes faster to cast the argument, preparing game, and take measures to protect themselves from attacks on our beliefs. When forced to change, we sometimes even trying to find out yourself, create your own presentation, even busy explaining frame of mind that we think is more correct than others.

Have you ever imagined how great a loss we can experience because of stubbornness and attitude would not accept a different opinion? Not only good relations could be hurt or lost growth opportunities, even the "bloodbath" was possible only because of the obstinacy of maintaining.

Imagine how the group or company grow, when its executives stick with the obstinacy of maintaining the system is already stale. What happens if the ministers in the cabinet can not accept input or requests from other departments? How runyamnya when institutions or political parties not to think about cooperation, synergy, or simply the coordination, only because of his stubbornness? Not one individual There are people who feel stubbornness is not a problem, because they do not realize that this attitude hampers. "Indeed I am stubborn, so what ? "he said. There are also individuals who are more or less proud of his stubbornness, even commented, "If there is a stubborn, it did not turn out this way." Individuals who are stubbornly unwilling to change are often concerned about the environment than to look inward, "Well, how we want change, if the culture in our country like this. "

All these forms of justification, certainly will not improve the situation. "Head stone" can only be tempered if individuals are aware he was stubborn, followed by a strong desire for change. If one admits, "Yes, I am very aware of my own weaknesses, but it was so difficult to change," this is where we will see the bright spot. One expert said that stubbornness is not "wrong" people, but "mistakes" of the force aware of the individual. We incorporate the experience of bitter, sweet, knowledge, beliefs, judgments, and habits ourselves, to our subconscious. The unconscious we lock the materials, especially if these habits we support and strengthen our faith. Things that are in the subconscious, it can not be dismantled easily. We're extremely difficult even to recall what had occurred in our conscious and buried deep.

Unfortunately, our subconscious does not have automatic correction mechanism. So like a computer CPU sebuat, our subconscious does not have a mechanism defragmenter, clean up , or dispose of the files that are no longer useful. This is the cause of the obstinacy seemed so difficult to change, although the individual himself wants to change. aware that we want more " open minded "but do not have control over our subconscious, then we have doubled the effort is not against others or being defensive, but precisely against our subconscious, alias yourself also. First of all, we need to incorporate the material into the self, through self belief, intentions and " self talk "that we are creatures of the learner, being a listener, and always wanted to incorporate new things into consideration we are. It should dicemplungkan into our subconscious a lot, so that our spontaneous reactions were influenced to be open. Digesting it cool We should not allow themselves willing to have perfect control of the situation. The subconscious fear to lose control, need to be defeated by the power of a new consciousness in the belief that it can not control the situation in the world and we maintain an environment that has embraced this openness.

We can actually get the balance of new considerations, such weighing between new and old, understand the left and right, with a modern orthodox. We need to believe that the perceived need to sharpen skills. We need to hear at full capacity. Where possible we could receive information when we heard the half-hearted, half-way, or, thinking and concentrating only on the content of our conversation?

We need to realize and believe that our desires should we stop talking when we receive the data submitted by others. Thus the incoming information can be processed. Let perceive, then digest.


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