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7 Signs You Much "Junk Food"

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7 Signs You Much "Junk Food"

Post  miracle on Fri May 04, 2012 5:35 pm

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Sometimes, we really can not resist temptation to enjoy gurihnya fries or burgers with cheese and mayonnaise discharge. The aroma is ripe to make your saliva dripping. So, enjoy the occasional junk food no problem anyway. That to be a problem if you make "junk food" as food everyday.

According to Jim White, RD, owner of Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios in Virginia Beach, VA, carbohydrates from foods such as wheat starch, cookies in the finish, potato chips, sweet fizzy drinks, as well as burgers and fries, do not just add the layer of fat in the body. This type of food can also cause physical disorders that make you feel uncomfortable. Abstain from too much junk food will not produce the most side effects as follows:

1. Premature wrinkles . Bad effects of junk food do not go just on weight but also on the face. Sugar, trans fats (which are often used to extend the time of some food packaging), and flour, can cause insulin rise and triggering inflammation. Chemical reaction that occurs when sugar molecules attack the protein or saturated fat is to accelerate the aging process, a way to disable an antioxidant in the body. You already are prone to skin damage due to sun exposure, and make facial wrinkles faster.

2. Constipation . White bread, rice, and other products from used flour starch basis, can lead to constipation because of low fiber content. In fact, fiber works all things through the body moves. If you become dehydrated, constipated condition will get worse. Do not ask if you offset the consequences of these foods with beverages like soda.

3. Heartburn . Consumption of junk food too much can trigger gastric acid disorders. Foods which are high in saturated fats take longer to digest. When the burgers or fries as you enjoy the night before fully digested in the morning, excess stomach acid can be driven up into the esophagus when it is time for the next meal. You even feel nausea and heartburn so.

4. Exacerbate symptoms of PMS . Food just does not actually cause the emergence of symptoms of premenstrual syndrome or PMS. There are other resources that make it more seriously. For example, sugar and starch, which causes insulin to rise and fall quickly. This will affect the chemical compounds in the brain and can aggravate mood swing you are experiencing. Similarly, other beverages. Coffee in the coffee booth provided additional multiple sweetener will give the most severe effects when the hormones you troubled by the effect of a combination of sugar and caffeine.

5. Turn. you ever suffer from headaches after a row abstain versatile savory foods and fatty foods? This pain is triggered by tyramine, a chemical substance formed in the breakdown of certain proteins in food coloring and nitrate (as found in hot dogs and other processed meats). Experts say these ingredients increase blood flow to the brain, causing changes in blood vessels that cause pain. Therefore, we encourage you to more carefully observe your snacks. Stay away from foods that have a color that is not natural.

6. Bad mood. Various studies show that many people abstain from junk food will likely experience a depression. At least, when you taste the food less healthy, you will feel screwed. When you feel less comfortable body, mood , you also have to be disturbed, and follow a stir.

7. Bloating. Many processed foods are used at the rate of pregnancy junk food high in sodium. Sodium itself is a major cause of flatulence. This is because sodium regulate the amount of blood in blood vessels, and water binding capacity. High sodium intake will draw water from your cells, causes the body to hold more liquid as kompensasinya. Drink diet soda will make your situation more acute, because the bubble (containing air) and artificial sweeteners (which cause gas) are equally trigger flatulence.

Source: The Shape

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