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Experience how to Alleviate Stress

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Experience how to Alleviate Stress

Post  miracle on Fri Apr 27, 2012 10:06 pm

Everyone who had been attacked a lot of stress certainly busy. While this is desirable, but the stress we experience still to be overcome in order to not make us thus, depression, pain, obesity, and even according to, can aggravate an ulcer condition. many ways you can do to overcome this stress. You do not even need to abstain from illicit drugs or therapy. Enough to do a few simple steps and this cheap :

1. Laugh a lot of things
If you feel stressed, do not rush into thinking that crying can be a solution to release the tension. Try to cope with stress with a laugh. A study load in the American Journal of Medical Sciences in 1989 revealed that laughter can lower blood pressure increase is due to the hormone cortisol (a stress hormone). The Mayo Clinic also reported that laughter can increase hormone release endorphins in the brain, thus making the muscles more relaxed. This is the key to relieve stress.
2. Reading
When stressed, probably most of you choose to avoid reading books because they can add to the burden of mind. But a survey carried out in accordance with The Telegraph and Galaxy Chocolate, only with six minutes to read your favorite book, stress can thus decreased. This is due to read a book to help lower and normalize the heartbeat, and make muscles more relaxed. Sipping tea or coffee, listening to music, and roads, is considered also can decrease the level of stress a person.
3. Contact the nearest
Without realize that contacting parents-particularly mothers-can make the feeling more comfortable and quiet. When living separately with her, and you feel stressed, try to call them. Although physically he does not have near you, but hear his voice can decrease your stress level. An article in the magazine Scientific American has revealed, a teenage daughter who has just encountered various task stresnya thus decreased levels after contacting her via telephone. When working with a variety of tasks, the hormone cortisol to rise. But when call his mother, saw a decrease symptoms of cortisol and increased oxytocin. These symptoms are not visible when we do not contact our parents. This is the same in young girls who immediately hugged his mother while making stress problems.
4. Snacking chocolate
This is the most preferred reduce stress. A research report that eat 1.4 ounces of pure chocolate once a fortnight can help decrease the level of the hormone cortisol.
5. Gossip
Gossip may have a bad influence in the life of socializing, but can give a good influence to reduce stress. Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, said his proven gossip can lower stress.

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