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Scarves, Not Just a Neck Heating

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Scarves, Not Just a Neck Heating

Post  miracle on Mon Apr 02, 2012 6:17 pm

In the four seasons, dressed in a scarf to complement winter. In Indonesia, a scarf is more often an accessory to enhance your appearance. scarf or a scarf can be a square or rectangle. Its function is varied. Besides worn around the neck, can also be wrapped around the waist or inferred on the bag. Scarves can also be made ​​from a variety of different fabrics such as collection of Shawl & Co's Sanjoto Sastri, Tria Andrian, Indira Tranggono, and Kartika Mahendrasmi.
This scarf is made ​​from two to four different types of fabric, one of the traditional fabrics such as batik, striated, or weaving. Since it was first released in March 2011, Shawl & Co. is the concept of modern ethnic, using traditional fabrics as the main element. The fabric is then combined with other types of fabrics in different textures, such as T-shirt material, silk, chiffon, velvet, corduroy up. Mix match impressed with the hit-and-bold color and motive. Green batik, for example, can be combined with woven purple and green and purple plain fabric.
There are also scarves whose designs combine plain cloth and striated with polka-dot patterned fabrics as accents the edge. Some have a combination of several fabrics designs which are embedded in the fabric base. However, there is also a scarf with different types of fabric for both surfaces. The form was not only formed a rectangle of fabric straight. Some of them are made ​​crimped so that raises a unique texture. Classical and contemporary richness and style of this design motif makes Shawl & Co. can accommodate the diverse tastes of fashion enthusiasts, ranging from classic to contemporary. Scarves with a variety of motifs and colors in one design can also be combined with more than one outfit. "If just one motif or a cloth, it sounded old-fashioned," says Tria, who make a business out of habit shawl scarf in the winter while living in Denmark. scarf is unique also made ​​a fashion designer Dina Midiani. In addition to making the whole of the material, such as chiffon and tulle, Dina also use the remaining fabric of the dress-making, such as materials for batik, weaving, and sweatshirts. remaining fabric is utilized to the maximum so that it forms a unique scarf. One was made ​​from the remnants of shirt that looks like a series of small firecrackers.
Although impressed by the "mess", a scarf of woven pieces look nice when it was used. The scarf of tulle material given the application rate of the same material from a distance so that the flowers were seen swinging. From this unique design not only serves as a scarf neck warmers. Dina told me, scarf creations can serve to sweeten the hijab or a replacement necklace. Variety of design also gives the choice to be worn in casual or formal style. unique designs caught the attention of markets outside of Indonesia. Dina, for example, never exported to the United States, Australia, and Japan. The products Shawl & Co. had purchased the consumer of the United States and Australia. "They love their country because of the scarf in monotone, just from a single material, such as from Indonesia is not fashionable," Tria said. In Indonesia, designer scarves and business owners believe their product is a complementary fashion items that its market can continue to grow.
Popularity scarf scarf was known only when subject to Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly or as a headdress. That said, the scarf has been known since 1350 BC in the days of Ancient Egypt. At that time, a scarf worn Queen Nefertiti, as well as a headdress. When the last second world war, women working in munitions factories cover their heads with a scarf so that their hair was caught in the machine. In its development, as told in writing The neck's big thing: a colorful history of the silk scarf in, scarves produced in bulk when rayon began to be known in the 1930s. Rayon scarf worn by women who want to enhance your appearance but can not afford a silk scarf of the first popular. When fashion magazines were born, some of whom wrote that the scarf can be an option for women, who have a limited fashion, to appear with different styles. In the era of the 1970s, fashion designers put their company logo in a scarf as a form of marketing. scarf is not only known in the fashion stage. In the world of sports, a scarf with the logo and club name into the football club souvenirs. Notice is happening in the football stadium. When a favorite team play, his supporters would sing or shout provide support while spreading scarf with both hands.

Sources: Kompas

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